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Radio Show Update 2

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Ok so our group met tonight and we decided to not use any typed scripts, well except for the stuff i said in our intro and closing. At first it was really awkward for me to start as the host, i even had to ask them not to look at me as i spoke…in doing so i think we got a lot of good behind the scenes blooper type things. All in all the meeting was quite successful and we got a lot accomplished. Proud of our progress.

Radio Show Update

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

So in class on Monday we came up with the idea for our radio show..We decided to do something similar to a bucket list type thing where we would discuss what we wanted to do before we die. We decided we would not interview people but do it from our point of views and just be a sort of behind the scene after hours type show! I am excited to see where it goes.

Listen To One Radio Show

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I Went to the This American Life Radio page and listened to the segment on What i did for love. I enjoyed listening to this because it’s just so crazy what some people will do for love. Kristy Kruger was the woman he was talking to and I wasn’t really able to tell whether or not she was there in the studio or if she was on a call. He was talking with her about how she chose to deal with a recent break-up she had just had. It was creepy and funny how dedicated she was to trying to get this guy back.  I enjoyed all the crazy things she did from serenading him to traveling following some of his favorite bands or something like that and putting his number in bathroom stalls, asking these woman to call him and tell him that his chulupa (not sure how to spell that) missed him lol. I like the tone of the radio guys voice the whole time, very calm and not to judgey and the fading in and out with the music was done well too.

Audio Assignments!!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

My first Assignment that i did was to make a ringtone, the thing said for it to be 30 to 40 seconds and mine is only 13 so maybe its more a of text tone, but i chose wind and water because they just go well ha! I also wanted to make it less ringtone like because i like when people use strange sounds and noises for ringtones, before i uploaded music to my iPhone my ringtone was the duck quacking! I got these sounds from !


This was my kind of southern accent while placing a strange order at McDonalds, every time i listen to it i laugh lol but i hate recording my voice it is just so strange to me ha


I chose to read the activation guide that came with my replacement iPhone 4 because those 3 simple steps are crucial to a successful activation ha.


Sunday, February 26th, 2012

This story was inspired by the episode of Glee I saw that tuesday night before class! Quinn was rushing to get to Finn and Rachel’s wedding because she was running a little late, after having to go get her dress from home. Rachel was texting her wanting to know where she was and telling her to hurry because they needed to start soon. Quinn picks up the phone and begins responding, appearing to run a stop sign and is hit by a truck. 🙁 So babies no texting and driving.

Daily Create Recap 2/20-2/26

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

For this daily create i said my name in the Audacity program and then reversed it to hear it backwards, i probably should of said my whole name because this was so short.

2011-06-10 18.49.53

This is a picture of one of my favorite colors. This is my second favorite color!


Warm and sunny weather is always the best!! Makes for good family time! This is a picture depicting my favorite type of weather!

Daily Create Recap 2-13/2-19

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

feeding my smoothie addiction

For Monday we had to do a daily create that showed food being served on consumed in a “unconventional way” i chose to take a photo of me leaving tropical smoothie, there is only one smoothie that i get an love and having on deck while driving is always a plus!!!

say hello to Bernie

For Tuesday we had to take a photo of a toy in motion, at first i was like hmm what toys do we have in this apartment. Then i remembered my suite mates Jamaican banana Bernie, he hangs out in the living room so i let him hang out on every chair in the living room and even watch a little TV.

My Love Bug

For Wednesday we had to take a photo of how old we feel and i chose my love bug that was given to me this Christmas by best friend and i love this little thing and he really has helped me find love lol, i truly believe this!!


For Thursday we had to take a photo of a bird, i found this one to be quite difficult because it was a rainy day and the birds were hiding from me, but my roommate spotted them on our way to class and i zoomed and started snapping and was quite content with how things turned out!

creative artwork

For Friday we had to take a photo of someone else’s artwork in a way that made it our own, I felt like one of the most major pieces of others artworks that i utilize are my clothes. Your clothes are an expression of someones creative style and they also represent you and your personality which is why i chose to use my outfit for today’s daily create.

prized possession

For Saturday’s daily create we had to take a photo of out most prized possession, this is hard because my baby is currently at home with my gradnmother, but i looked through all my photos and found this one from day we spent cuddling! It was amaze!

my job

And lastly Sunday we had to take a photo that represented a job we have or had, i currently work at the information desk in the nest and i used a photo that really showed what i spent my time there doing, which is homework, giving games and information and the occasional task of people watching when bored!




Bad Guy Business Card

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

grinch business card

I made my business card in word and i had no idea how to make it appear here on my blog, any advice is greatly appreciated.


Greetings From DS106

Saturday, February 18th, 2012


This is where my dad has been relocated and i cant wait to get home i haven’t seen him in forever and i also have a very special friend there!

I made this image on my iPhone, i find that i make a lot of images better from my phone than i can with some of these complicated photo editors. I found three images on Google, saved them to my computer and then emailed them to myself. I then save them to my phone and open them in an app called pic collage, from their you chose the best frame for you and move things around to make them look the way you want.


The Little Caption

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

the little caption

This image is of when Earl was a little younger and he loved to eat on my moms flowers and one day i happened to take a picture and it came out pretty decent.