Alternative Book Covers (tutorial)

For this assignment i used Gimp. I did a Google search of the book cover of my choosing ( i used my sister’s keeper). I saved the image to my computer and then opened it in Gimp. After opening the image i used the erasing tool to remove the image that was at the bottom of the cover. After the image was completely removed i used the another image that i chose from google and faded it in, as to kind of make the image seem a little distant.

Here is the finished product.

Alternative Book Cover

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2 Responses to “Alternative Book Covers (tutorial)”

  1. Colin Schulz says:

    Good job on this tutorial, although it’s lacking in some detail your project as a whole was great. The image being distant was a great look, awesome job!

  2. Alan Levine says:

    This is a bit short for a tutorial- if you were looking to do this assignment, would this tell you enough to replicate your steps?

    It might help to link to the source materials, and to include the images you found before you put them together (e.g. the original cover and the other image you found).

    It is important to link back to the source of your materials, saying “found on google” is not specific enough. If someone had used one of your images, wouldn’t it be cool if they linked abck to your site?