Video Assignments_star count

I completed a total of 28/30 stars for the three weeks total of video work. The videos are listed on my blog so in this post i will just give a brief over view of the assignments that i did.

I did the film essay in which i did i best to give you my personal insight on one of my favorite films, Curly Sue.

I did the 30 second documentary in which i outlined the steps that i take to draw a flower.

I did the make a tutorial for your mom, that one was my first and my worst but hey everyone has to start somewhere.

I did the movie trailer mash-up and that was most definitely my favorite to do and the one i am most proud of.

I did the movies that changed our lives and i picked three of my most favorite cartoons and lastly i did the opening credit redux where i just altered the opening credits to married with children by depicting it as happy families when in reality the show constantly depicted how miserable they were at times lol.

Those were all the assignments that i completed!


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