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Audio Assignments!!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

My first Assignment that i did was to make a ringtone, the thing said for it to be 30 to 40 seconds and mine is only 13 so maybe its more a of text tone, but i chose wind and water because they just go well ha! I also wanted to make it less ringtone like because i like when people use strange sounds and noises for ringtones, before i uploaded music to my iPhone my ringtone was the duck quacking! I got these sounds from !


This was my kind of southern accent while placing a strange order at McDonalds, every time i listen to it i laugh lol but i hate recording my voice it is just so strange to me ha


I chose to read the activation guide that came with my replacement iPhone 4 because those 3 simple steps are crucial to a successful activation ha.