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Final Project – Love Lost: A story told through google images

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Inspiration behind project: My inspiration for this project came from my initial desire when thinking of this project..i want to tell a story using images but i wasn’t sure if i would be able to do this without words. Then i thought it would fun to try and capture all the things that my phone saw that we didn’t think about when using our phones or a daily basis but i found that to be a little more difficult than i thought and i wasn’t as into it as i wanted to be. Then while playing around on Google images one day i had the awesome idea of telling a story using images that i found on Google…i would come up with 10-12 words and then select an image from the first ones that came up and then i would look at the images and come up with a story. I wanted to be as creative as possible and i wanted to incorporate my own voice but the way i wanted the pictures to work it left too many awkward i inserted the text and the words with audio that i thought fit the story line.

What it means to me: I find that i was able to get really involved in the story. A lot of kids witness the affects of their parents fighting and divorce and they are not realized until its too late. This relates to what i want to do when i finally get my masters..i want to be a social worker for a few years and then go on to work with open and closed adoptions. I think my story had a good message and that it is saying that no matter how escalated and involved parents are in a divorce or short separation they have to remember they are not the only ones involved.

What makes it storytelling: Its storytelling because it tells a story, and it does so in more than one way. It tells a story through the words that have been pair with their picture and through the pictures themselves. A story can be told in many different ways..this project i think combined some of those ways.

Process: In order to make this video i came up with my list of 12 words (fear, jealousy, prayer, grief, revenge, man, hate, fire, water, woman,child, and nature). I googled each word and went to the images page and took a screen shot. After doing this for each word i chose a photo for each word, after selecting the photos i took about 15 minutes just looking at them and then came up with my story. I uploaded my images in movie maker and then added the story line to each photo and then i selected an audio clip from my computer that i thought fit the story line.

🙁 I realized after i uploaded my video that on the picture of fire the word together is spelled wrong 🙁

project update

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

After a lot of struggling and frustration i decided that i would change my final project topic. I decided that i am going to tell a story through Google i am not using the pictures and making you put together the story.. i am including the words but i chose an image from the first images that appeared when you type in the word. I chose 12 words to create a story..i made up a list of words and then i chose my images and then from there i created my story. It turned out to be a story about lost love from the perspective of a frightened and confused child. I originally planned to incorporate my voice but it left a lot of awkward silences and i couldn’t get all of the voice recordings to sound the way i wanted without them being too low to hear..anyway the video will be up soon..hope you enjoy !!

Final Project Update

Monday, April 9th, 2012

So since my last post about the final project i have decided to name this work of art my third eye and it will be a mash-up of selected video clips taken by my iPhone during random parts of my day. What i hope the purpose of this project to be is to highlight the many things that we miss or overlook during our day and how your phone most likely never misses a beat. I tried to get some videos this weekend but so far all i was able to get was some major foot traffic lol, so i think i might need to work on better angle placement and work on places where i will be doing a lot of movement. The Multicultural Fair this weekend will be a great opportunity to get some great footage.

Update on Final Project Idea

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

So i decided that i would be doing a project on the day in the life of my phone, so far i have not had any good opportunities to get any good pictures since my phone was practically stationary this weekend. And its not so much a day in the life of my phone but more like life through the eyes of my life looks from her view (yes she is a she..her name is Zoe). I am planning to try and get some good snapshots through-out my day up until class tomorrow so we shall see how that goes.