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Daily Create Recap !! (3-12/3-18)

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Monday: Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary.


This photo that i chose to represent a sort of boundary is of mine and my roommates closets. I chose this as my photo because it represents the boundaries of personal space. It is impossible for us both to go to our closets at the same time and have adequate personal space.

Tuesday: Show the workspace/desk where you do your creative stuff and tell us about it.

This video showed how i practically live off of my desk..i store everything there from work to food.

Wednesday: Tell the world in 5 minutes of less why ds106 is the best thing since… (cat breeding).

Video talking about what i liked about and disliked about ds106 thus far..

Daily Create Recap 2/20-2/26

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

For this daily create i said my name in the Audacity program and then reversed it to hear it backwards, i probably should of said my whole name because this was so short.

2011-06-10 18.49.53

This is a picture of one of my favorite colors. This is my second favorite color!


Warm and sunny weather is always the best!! Makes for good family time! This is a picture depicting my favorite type of weather!

Daily Create Recap 2-13/2-19

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

feeding my smoothie addiction

For Monday we had to do a daily create that showed food being served on consumed in a “unconventional way” i chose to take a photo of me leaving tropical smoothie, there is only one smoothie that i get an love and having on deck while driving is always a plus!!!

say hello to Bernie

For Tuesday we had to take a photo of a toy in motion, at first i was like hmm what toys do we have in this apartment. Then i remembered my suite mates Jamaican banana Bernie, he hangs out in the living room so i let him hang out on every chair in the living room and even watch a little TV.

My Love Bug

For Wednesday we had to take a photo of how old we feel and i chose my love bug that was given to me this Christmas by best friend and i love this little thing and he really has helped me find love lol, i truly believe this!!


For Thursday we had to take a photo of a bird, i found this one to be quite difficult because it was a rainy day and the birds were hiding from me, but my roommate spotted them on our way to class and i zoomed and started snapping and was quite content with how things turned out!

creative artwork

For Friday we had to take a photo of someone else’s artwork in a way that made it our own, I felt like one of the most major pieces of others artworks that i utilize are my clothes. Your clothes are an expression of someones creative style and they also represent you and your personality which is why i chose to use my outfit for today’s daily create.

prized possession

For Saturday’s daily create we had to take a photo of out most prized possession, this is hard because my baby is currently at home with my gradnmother, but i looked through all my photos and found this one from day we spent cuddling! It was amaze!

my job

And lastly Sunday we had to take a photo that represented a job we have or had, i currently work at the information desk in the nest and i used a photo that really showed what i spent my time there doing, which is homework, giving games and information and the occasional task of people watching when bored!




Take My Hand!

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

my hand

today’s daily create was about the human hand and a photo that emphasis’s it’s features, i felt like making the photo black and white would make it stand out more.



Wait! What was that?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

wait who called my name

Anything that wakes this lil guy causes confusion for him, so of course he is the perfect subject ha!


Baby Zari

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

baby zari

How could you not fall in love with this face!?! This little guy stole my heart on Feb 3 @ 4:21 pm! I chose to use this picture that i took of him because this represents what i hope to be one day in the future, a mother. I love kids and i cant wait to have two of my own. Also i want to adopt and i plan to get my masters in social work and someday work with closed and open adoptions for young mothers!

LovelyLashe <3

My Happy Memories !!

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Today’s Daily Create:

Today we were to share a photo that represented a moment that was the happiest or most memorable in our lives! I combined two images to show how much this little guy means to me.

my happy day

All this is Earl 🙂 he is my 1 and half year old Chihuahua/Minicher Pincher mix! The photo on the left was mothers day may 9 2010. My dad decided to take us to Jacksonville Florida because of a flee market my mom wanted to go to, i decided to walk around when this little ball of cuteness caught my eye, I JUST KNEW I HAD TO HAVE HIM! Now the picture on the right is how he currently looks (and yes he likes to be held like a baby, that may or may not be my fault 🙂 ). This picture was taken on the christmas break just because he looked so darn precious!

These two pictures together create both joyful and memorable moments for me because i just can’t get enough of this little guy, well i shall stop rambling on for now ha!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

LovelyLashe <3

If it’s missing it has to be here!!

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Today’s daily create was to take a photo of the place in your home where you currently lose things the most, the space under my bed is where all things that i love tend to navigate to, mostly because there is a little space between the wall and my bed and things just so easily fall behind there. I frequently find money and my phone or phone charger there all the time ha 🙂 .

so thats where that went

I tried to go for a retro look, so let me know what you think !!

LovelyLashe <3

Upside Down

Monday, February 6th, 2012

upside down

Photo of something not normally seen upside down, looks like a version of my life in shambles ha

LovelyLashe <3

Just Kickin’ It!

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Ok so if any of you have visited my Flickr then you already know i have an obsession of taking random pictures of my feet, but i am not a feet person lol i actually hate feet!

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of your feet in a way that expressed what kind of day you are having :

just kickin it

My day has been quite chill and relaxing and i think my picture did a great job of illustrating that, especially since my left foot actually is leaning over in a lazy fashion which represents me so well ha!

Hope all you have been having a Friday as Lovely (ha lovely get it — LovelyLashe) as mine!!!

LovelyLashe <3