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30 Second Documentary – tutorial

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

To Complete this assignment i did the following:

I used my Nikon camera to record my video. I uploaded the video to my computer and then opened it on windows live movie maker. I added the visual effect called edge detection to give the video the cool look. Because the assignment called for a silent video where you show instead of tell..i muted the video and to take away from a awkward silent film i added music to the video, i used a track that was already pre-loaded on my computer. Then i uploaded the video to YouTube.


Film Essay – Curly Sue Tutorial

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

For this video essay assignment these are the steps i took to complete the assignemt:

I went to YouTube and in the search box i typed curly sue.. after doing so a bunch of different videos popped up. After carefully selecting the three videos that i wanted i selected them and then clicked on pwnyoutube (which enabled me to save the clips to my computer) after this i uploaded them to iMovie and carefully selected the parts that i wanted use because the clips that i chose were each about 10 or some minutes on their own. After carefully choosing all the clips i inserted some animations to easily transition into the next clip. I decided to leave the video playing in the background as i recorded my voice in the video..i used headphones to do this so that my voice would become elevated in the clip..

Grettings From DS106 (tutorial)

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

For this assignment i used an app that i have on my iPhone 4. I went to Google to find three images that i thought would represent what i would send to someone to show them that i was in Fayetteville and happy. After selecting the three images i sent them to my phone through an email and then used an app called Photo Collage to create and make one image with the three images. You open the app and select a frame, after selecting the frame you insert the images and adjust the color, margin and corners to your liking.

This was my end result.


Alternative Book Covers (tutorial)

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

For this assignment i used Gimp. I did a Google search of the book cover of my choosing ( i used my sister’s keeper). I saved the image to my computer and then opened it in Gimp. After opening the image i used the erasing tool to remove the image that was at the bottom of the cover. After the image was completely removed i used the another image that i chose from google and faded it in, as to kind of make the image seem a little distant.

Here is the finished product.

Alternative Book Cover