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Sunday, April 29th, 2012

For participation i did a fair amount of commenting on other students blog posts and i came to class regularly i believe i missed 2 or 3 classes. I occasionally used my twitter to keep followers up to date with my assignments and daily creates and i also tweeted links in class when it was asked. I would agree that once we got into the video assignments my commenting died off but mostly that was because i was so busy struggling to grasp this new lesson. In my previous post i have listed my created assignments.

Final Reflection Post

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Response/Update on Cyber-infrastructure: After going back and reviewing my previous post on cyber-infrastructure i feel that i stand in agreement with all of the previous stuff that was said. I think technology advancement is a gift..yes we may depend on it a little too much at times but that’s no different than depending on faith and superstition to get you through tough times or a big exam. I still don’t believe that it has to come down to pen and paper VS computers and i pads and that they can collectively work together!!

My meaning of Storytelling: Storytelling to me is being able to convey some sort of message or emotion through a means of many different approaches…be it through pictures, song or words. Story telling can take many forms, it can be educational, entertaining or meaningful but always gets a point across…This class taught me that creativity is key and that you shouldn’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone..its okay to get a little crazy at times and let your creative juices flow. This class also helped me to learn so many new and fun ways to use my computer…at first it went no further than typing papers and watching tv online…now i know how to make and edit videos, i know how to edit photos and i even know how to blog…i can honestly say that its something i never thought i would do.

Best Assignments and daily creates: I enjoyed many of the assignments but of course my favorite ones were the ones that involved taking pictures. So far i would have to say my top five would be .. 1.  the final project that i just completed…i love the way it came out (minus my typing error) and i think it should how hard i worked on it and how it was more of a way of expressing deeper emotions than just trying to get something done. 2. I was also very pleased with my movie trailer mash-up trying to pick two movies that complemented each other in a way that would change the meaning of one of the movies was a challenging task..but i was happy to see how it turned out..i used the music from Annie mashed with the trailer from orphan and it showed how Esther began by coming off as sweet and innocent as orphan Annie but was really a dark and evil individual. 3.   movies that changed our lives was also very fun to highlighted keep points in my childhood and also showed how we all continue to have the inner child that we carry around with us. 4. my favorite daily create was tdc39 where we had to take a photo of a bird for that day…that day ended up being very rainy and gloomy and the birds definitely did not want to come out and play..but i managed to spot a few up in a tree and the photos came out very dark and mysterious. 5. and lastly my other favorite daily create was tdc34 where you had to take a photo of a hand..i chose mine and loved the emotion behind the picture that came from just making the image black and white.

Future Students: I would definitely recommend taking the class but i would not say do it with a heavy course load, which is what i did, its a fun class and you learn a lot and you get to let your creative side shine. It’s  not an easy A but getting an A is possible. I would say take the class and be prepared to work hard and to also have fun!!

If i were in charge of the class im sure my class would become a photography class haha..i don’t think that there is much that i would change i like it where it stands, but i would possibly not have it labeled as a 1oo level class.

Hello world!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

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Update on Final Project Idea

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

So i decided that i would be doing a project on the day in the life of my phone, so far i have not had any good opportunities to get any good pictures since my phone was practically stationary this weekend. And its not so much a day in the life of my phone but more like life through the eyes of my life looks from her view (yes she is a she..her name is Zoe). I am planning to try and get some good snapshots through-out my day up until class tomorrow so we shall see how that goes.

Wednesday Radio Shows

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

The show i most enjoyed from tonight’s segment of shows was the live outdoors! It was well rehearsed and written and i could definitely see it developing into some sort of nature show. I loved how each person stayed in character and how everyone had a distinct role that they played and each character brought a different aspect to the show. The sound effects were great and well placed. It showed that they worked hard and that a lot of time and effort went into making their show and in the end the outcome was great!!!

Monday Night Radio Shows

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I have to say that my favorite show from Monday night was the Drunk was well organized and funny. I could see myself being a regular listener. I did really enjoy how they worked well and added Danny’s sober tips being that he was unable to be able to be there in person due to his accident. His tips were also quite funny..the show seemed to be appropriate and have appropriate material. Reading the emails/letters was a great idea, shows that do things like that are always funny and they get some of the craziest letters. All in all they were great!

Final Radio Show Update

Monday, March 12th, 2012

So we had to meet again to try and remake our blooper real since the last time we recorded it on sound-cloud and it logged one of my group members and it was lost forever 🙁 . Tonight due to unavailability only half of the group was able to get together and to put the stuff we had left and some of the new stuff together..We ended up having about 10-15 minutes worth of audio but after editing it it was a little shy of three minutes. The reason we had to cut so much out was because all of the bloopers were of the same thing and when all together it just sounded like the same stuff stuck on repeat and we felt it would do more justice if we cut all that stuff out rather than making people have to sit through ten minutes a repetitive audio track.

Radio Show Update 2

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Ok so our group met tonight and we decided to not use any typed scripts, well except for the stuff i said in our intro and closing. At first it was really awkward for me to start as the host, i even had to ask them not to look at me as i spoke…in doing so i think we got a lot of good behind the scenes blooper type things. All in all the meeting was quite successful and we got a lot accomplished. Proud of our progress.

Radio Show Update

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

So in class on Monday we came up with the idea for our radio show..We decided to do something similar to a bucket list type thing where we would discuss what we wanted to do before we die. We decided we would not interview people but do it from our point of views and just be a sort of behind the scene after hours type show! I am excited to see where it goes.

Visual Assignments update

Friday, February 10th, 2012

So throughout the week I have been working on my assignments to get my ten stars, so far i have 9 completed and once i finish the last one i will post a blog for each of them! They have been fun to create and also confusing at times but i have slowly made some decent looking photographs and i am looking forward to explaining each of them to you guys!!

LovelyLashe <3