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Movies That Changed My Life

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I am a huge fan of cartoons and the three i chose for this video were Bambi, The Lion King, and Toy Story 3. I chose these three because no matter how many times i watch them i either tear up or bawl like a big baby.

When i first saw Bambi i made my dad come with me in the woods to find him and make sure he was okay…it was an impossible task but dad had a friend help him stage the event to calm my nerves ha! When i first watched the lion king i was just filled with so much rage for Simba’s uncle scar and felt sad for the lost of mufasa, so my dad brought me a chihuahua and named him mufasa and told me that his spirit went into the dog. And for toy story 3 i was just so appalled at the fact that we could of had to say good bye to our beloved toys lol.