LovelyLashe In A Nutshell

Ok, so I thought I would tell you all why I chose the name LovelyLashe as my domain name and as you will also notice that it is my twitter name. Well for starters the Lashe part comes from my middle name. I like it a lot ha, and sometimes think about changing my name to it permanently, but that would kind of be a slap in my mom’s face. I say this because she has frequently told me the story of how she agonized over deciding what to name me. Anyway, the Lovely part comes in from Twitter. Why Twitter you ask … SO, Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of my all time favorite actresses and I just adore her ha ha!! Well when she joined Twitter she started calling all of her followers her Lovely’s and I was like well oh snap my name should be LOVELYLASHE!!! Yea so that is how the name came to be, just in case anyone was wondering hahaha 🙂 .

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